Learning Experiences

September 7th, 2014

I worked for a great escorting service for almost ten years and if it was not for them I would of never graduated from college. It never was my number one career choice but the money was there for me to live off of daily and pay my college tuition.

The job itself had some ups and downs but I have made many great friends that I would have never met having a normal job. I have traveled to places in the world that I never even knew existed, it was fun and a great learning experience. I also had been caught up in a couple of bad situations like getting robbed and smacked around. Unfortunately, that comes with the work.

Thankfully, I made it through college with no student loans and I am a head nurse at a well-known hospital. I plan on staying at my current position until it is time to retire.

Time to Live

August 15th, 2014

I have a dear friend who lives down the street. She is a wonderful lady in her late 50′s. She is kind, sweet and caring. However she is very lonely. Her husband of 30 years passed away a few years ago and she has been alone ever since. A few people have mentioned she should try to meet someone but she was skeptical. So yesterday I was shocked when she told me she was looking into illicit fuck buddy encounters. I was thrilled but shocked.

It turns out my dear friend has been corresponding with a very charming man she met online. She told me all about him, he is retired, a widow with a couple of grand kids. That’s great! My friend loves children, though never had any of her own. She said she spoke with him on the phone and he asked her to dinner. Well why not? Its time to live a little and stop being alone!

Single And Wealthy

August 11th, 2014

I have a job that has left me unable to obtain a relationship because I work very long hours and I travel every other weekend across the country to attend my business meetings. I am pretty wealthy and have everything that anyone could ever dream about.

I live by myself in a 4000 foot square home and it has all that I need for entertainment. I have a swimming pool, game room, fitness room, hot tub, bar and so much more. The only thing that is missing in my life is woman that I can come home to and that I can love and treat like a princess.

Everyone has their needs for passionate love from time to time, so I have fuck buddies that I can call. Usually it is after I come home from work, work out and then sit to relax and have a couple of drinks.